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Business Entry Pack

The Entry Business package is designed for a sole proprietor, very small, or cost conscious business, and is meant to get you and your business into the right technology as cost effectively as possible. This pack is a technology foundation that will give your business the right technical footing from day one and in the future will allow you to add on and build on what you have as your business needs grow.


The Entry Pack includes the following services:

Help choosing the right ISP for you

Your own business domain

Basic cloud email/collaboration setup using your business domain

Configuration of up to 3 named users

A rundown of basic website hosting options

Basic administration training for 1 user


Price: $550 for fully remote services or $700 Including an onsite visit of up to 8 hours**


**All ISP, Mobile, VOIP, and Cloud based service subscription costs are the responsibility of the customer and not included as part of the packs. We will help with the selection of these services and advise the customer accordingly.


For reference we are including typical costs for these services below. But please note these are meant to be a guideline costs only and actual costs will vary and be quoted for at the time of service


Guideline Additional Costs:

ISP: $45 to $100 per month

Domain: $12 per year

Cloud Office Suite: $5 to $10 per user per month

Basic Website Hosting: $5 to $15 per month per website

VOIP Services: $5 to $75 per month

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