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Texas Business Pack

The Texas Size Pack is designed for a business that wants a turn key integrated office solution. This pack is meant for any company that wants to hit the ground running day one with all available technical aids at their disposal and have their technology integrated across multiple channels, just like large enterprises but for an affordable cost.


The Texas Size Pack includes the following services:

All of the features of the Entry and Intermediate Packs

Configuration of up to 50 named users

A hosted custom website framework, where you can add your content.

Advanced administration and training for up to 4 users.

Integrated VOIP setup

Mobile/Cell phone integration*

Remote worker capability*

Central authentication (One password for everything)

Office network setup and integration*

Advice on additional office solutions, like CRM, Accounting Software, Ticketing systems.


Price: $3000 Including 24 Hours of onsite work.


*All office and VOIP based setups require that the customer provide appropriate hardware/software and the costs for these items are not included in the packs. We will however be happy to advise and assist with the selection of the right software/hardware that would meet the budget and requirements of each customer. This consultancy service is included in the packs.


**All ISP, Mobile, VOIP, Hardware, and Cloud based service subscription costs are the responsibility of the customer and not included as part of the packs.


For reference we are including typical costs for these services below. But please note these are meant to be a guideline costs only and actual costs will vary and be quoted for at the time of service


Guideline Additional Costs:

ISP: $45 to $100 per month

Mobile Data/Voice plan: $45 to $100 per user per month

Domain: $12 per year per domain

Cloud Office Suite/Authentication: $10 to $30 per user per month

Basic Website Hosting: $5 to $15 per month per website

VOIP Services (Advanced): $25 to $125 per month

Office network/firewall hardware (Larger office): $1500 to $7000 one time cost


While we try to make our small business packs as all inclusive as possible, we simply could never cater to the wide variety of use cases in one product. So we also offer the following add on services that we feel will meet for most customer requirements.


Pack Add Ons: (Priced Separately at time of initial engagement depending on requirement)

Managed cloud collaboration suite (We handle all the administration for you)

Remote support services

Onsite support services

Advise on office IT decisions (5 hours per month)

Business Cable/Sat Television setup

Web design


With the above service offerings we have tried to cover most requirements, however we are aware that some situations require a custom approach. For these customers we also offer a full range of consultancy and IT services.  If you want something a little different or even something out of left field reach out to us and we will build a solution that will work for you.


Specialized Services (Just some suggestions of what we can do for you)


Conference and tradeshow setups

Public Wifi/Network setup and management

Anything from a building to a whole neighborhood or even a City!

Creating a private ISP for your neighborhood.

Ideal for communities that have spotty or limited internet choices.

Building IT fit out. (Network cabling, patching, etc)

IT Security consultancy

End to end managed IT services

Vendor and supplier management services.    

Hardware Purchasing, Contract Management, supplier management

Hardware leasing

GPS fleet tracking

24 X 7 Call Center/Help Desk setup

Network and Infrastructure Monitoring


Other Packages