Technology  Assessments

Silver Stratus can help you evaluate the state of your existing technology stack and get you on track for the most secure, cost effective, and viable way forward.

Technologies can create competitive advantages for organizations, when selected correctly.  This selection process can be one of the most challenging decisions businesses face in today's fast changing IT environment. A technology assessment done prior to the technology adoption reduces the risk of ineffective investment decisions and will help you implement technology that’s designed to help you do a better job, be faster and more efficient.

What might be found?

Any weakness in the company’s security protocols leaves it vulnerable to attack. It’s important to detect intrusions early on to avoid its adverse effects on your IT network and business operations.

Assess the differences between cybersecurity infrastructure and compliance or business goals.

Different departments have varying levels of technology needs — some teams may need more resources than others. However, an organization may be overusing or underusing their businesses’ resources without knowing it.

Technology assessment examines the entire system and enables you to allocate and optimize your resources properly.

If you’ve noticed your network slowing down, it could be due to video streaming, multiple programs running at the same time, file downloads, excessive cloud storage usage, or all of the above. All these activities require and use up bandwidth, which can affect your IT network to an extent. 

These will be identified with a IT Assessment so you can put in place rule to improve and speed up your network. 

End to end management of your infrastructure. From servers to networks we ensure everything runs properly. We monitor all firewalls, switches and services including CPU, DISK, RAM, Mail Queue, FTP, DNS, databases as well as the full stack of applications. With our proactive plan you can rest assured that your infrastructure is in expert hands we will take action to proactively fix problems keeping downtime and business disruption to a minimum.

Technology Health Assessment

A Technology Health Assessment is designed for any business that wants to know where it stands in the technology and security landscape. It is meant to gauge your current information technology security, productivity, and performance, and identify areas for improvement and efficiency gains. Here are some questions to ask about your current systems.  

graphic of eye with security overlay


Is your business concerned that your current security infrastructure may not accurately detect today’s sophisticated attacks?  Are you in compliance with regulations and company policies?


Do you know how applications are being utilized on your network? Are your IT recourses being properly  utilized?


How does your IT security stack up against similar organizations? Are you using enhance security protocols and getting the most performance?


Are you getting the most business value form the current technology available? Are your systems cost optimized?

For a one time fixed fee we will conduct a full stack discovery at your business. We will evaluate your current technology usage, general security, application packages and full technology stack. On completion we will produce a no obligation report with our recommendations, suggestions, and optimizations that you can use for future infrastructure road mapping and informed IT decision-making.

In-Depth IT Security Assessment 

If your business is interested in a more in depth look at your technology stack, which includes data flows, security incidents, and user behavior analysis, then Silver Stratus can deliver. 
Our in-depth assessment includes the following services:

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Onsite consultation to determine the most effective assessment approach.  With up to 7 days of data collection. (A minimum of 3 days is required)


All hardware and software required for the duration of the assessment. The assessment will require the installation of a security device at your premises for the duration of the assessment we will perform installation and removal.


Full Cyber Threat Assessment Report which is divided into three primary sections
• Security and Threat Prevention
• User Productivity
• Network Utilization and Performance 


Risk assessment and gap analysis to help you maintain compliance, mitigate risks, plan future IT goal and help in technology decisions.

A technology assessment is a proactive approach that allows businesses to recognize problems in their earlier stages, formulate viable solutions, and implement them in a scheduled roll out. Without a proper technology assessment, a company could be heading for trouble without even knowing it as you will not have a complete over review of your company’s entire technology infrastructure. An assessment will result is a comprehensive view of your technology stack’s capabilities and limitations, which will help you identify areas for improvement and allow for better strategic decisions and road mapping.

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