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Global Team Members

Eric Szopa

Eric Szopa

+1 817-930-1900


Andrea Lee

Andrea Lee

+1 817-930-1900

USA Operations Director

Kumar Paul

Jaun Jose Vindanez

+44 208 068 4618 

European Operations Director

Nicole Clark

Nicole Clark

+1 260-600-2226

Canadian Operations Director

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About Us

Silver Stratus Global was founded by Eric Szopa, who has worked in the Enterprise IT field for over 25 years and has helped many Global corporations streamline and optimize their IT infrastructure and business systems, with a goal of bringing this expertise and knowledge to your business.

Before founding Silver Stratus Eric moved through the world and in his dealings with many different and distinct companies, one thing became clear, utilizing outdated technology and IT methods are putting those businesses and their customers at risk. So with the advancement of IT technology in the past 5 years the IT solutions have been introduced for every budget the would enable a business to solve almost every IT problem or issue. But even with these advances Eric found that most companies were staying with what they have, because it’s what they know regardless of better and more effective solutions being available. So out of the idea of finding the the correct mix of products and services for every business Silver Stratus Global was born. With a mission be an all encompassing one stop IT provider to all sizes of business, with a goal to be able to service large enterprise IT needs or bring that same level of enterprise expertise down to help out small business get a handle on their systems.

Our team at Silver Stratus Global believe in the power of technology and we have worked hard to assemble a worldwide team of IT Professionals to bring global expertise to your business. 


Silver Stratus built a digital infrastructure for our new company. We are pleased with the service of having a relationship built with our IT. The fact that there is a two way communications factor, touching base with us to see how our systems are operating and if there is anything that needs to be addressed; to us reaching out and inquiring about an upgrade or additions made to our systems is remarkable and satisfactory.

Simply put, you will not get a more intimate and professional firm than that of Silver Stratus Global! 

The new organizational structure that's been put in place by Silver Stratus Global‘s standardization and uniformity is a fresh breeze and makes the day to day administration so much smoother. In my experience Silver Stratus listens more to the customer than others which translate our wishes into results. That's a big win for any company, not losing time in back and forth discussions and negotiations.

Whatever hesitation or doubt anyone might have, open the conversation and put it out there. Eric is one of the best listeners I've ever met in the IT world and on top of that he can translate any vision into a result that will definitely be worth your while.

Having worked with Silver Stratus Global for several years now, I have always found Eric and his staff to be diligent and hardworking. Silver Stratus operates to very high standards and is creative, has intelligent designs, and technology focused. They have specialist knowledge and create solutions that suit many a business need. Highly collaborative, introducing associates and other individuals to deliver the right results for their clients. A pleasure to work with.

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Our team at Silver Stratus Global believe in the power of technology and we have worked hard to assemble a worldwide team of IT Professionals to bring global expertise to your business.


US Office: Texas and Wisconsin
Phone: +1 817-930-1900

Canadian Office: Kelowna /BC
Phone: +1 236 600 2226            

European Office: London UK
Phone: +44 208 068 4618 

USA: +1 817-930-1900

Canada: +1 236 600 2226

UK : +44 208 068 4618

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