Enterprise Managed IT 

Sliver Stratus Global offers an enterprise level managed IT services for  business that need more than the normal MSP level of technology and service.



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Expertise and guidance

Draw on the experience of our global experts and business partners we will help you design, build and manage complete integrated solutions, whatever your requirements.

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Matched to your business 

Working with us means you will benefit from our established relationships with leading global technology providers and receive strong support from local channels and partners.

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Designed for you

Every business has its own needs which is why our solutions can be purchased separately to integrate with your IT department or together with our managed services.

Modern  IT Management 

It’s a powerful thing when IT is flexible and scalable enough to make a quick pivot when necessary. Silver Stratus Global can make this happen no matter what your organizational size. Hybrid IT partnership comes in handy, IT efficiency and agility are key. The ability to deliver outcomes faster and to make a quick pivot when necessary is an incredible competitive advantage. If your IT is already maxed out just maintaining daily operations, you may not have the capacity to pivot or implement the latest and greatest technologies. That’s when it helps to have a partner you can call for all your technology needs.

24/7 Uptime Needed?

Need a better level of service from an MSP, Silver Stratus Global only offers Enterprises level of technology. Can’t afford down time, need better support and enterprises level infrastructure even though you only have a small footprint. 24/7 critical running or SOW service levels you have to meet?
We will help you define, architect, implement and manage solutions that will help your businesses run smarter, faster and more cost effective.


High Performance Storage

 Unlimited Scalability

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Disaster Recovery



Infrastructure and Connectivity

Infrastructure and Connectivity

As your network grows, you need to ensure that your infrastructure provides the performance you need while keeping your data and endpoints secure. Let us look after your network providing industry-leading connectivity, firewalls, and network support.

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The security of your organization is more critical than ever. Protecting your data from outside threats is only one part of the equation. Security services also cover behavioral monitoring, security intelligence, vulnerability scanning, asset discovery, ongoing reporting, and platform maintenance.

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Disaster Recovery

With a tested strategic recovery plan, you'll be prepared when a cyber attack or natural disaster strikes and have reduced risk of downtime.

We offer multiple options to enable you to react and respond quickly to any threat.

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When downtime is at a minimum or even eliminated, your organization can move forward faster. Our team monitors the health of your critical systems using state-of-the-art infrastructure to keep them running smoothly. Minor issues are quickly discovered and fixed before they become disruptive.

In Touch With Tomorrow

At Silver Stratus Global, we firmly believe in harnessing the transformative power of technology. That's why we've curated a team of exceptionally skilled technology professionals dedicated to providing unparalleled service. Drawing from years of collective experience across various corporate and SME sectors, our team possesses a deep understanding of industry dynamics. This enables us to not only identify challenges early on but also to craft proactive strategies tailored to your unique needs. By swiftly addressing issues and implementing effective solutions, we ensure that your focus remains squarely on driving your business forward, rather than getting bogged down by technology concerns.


Enterprise-level services and solutions.


Help every step of the way with top  IT assistance.

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Streamline IT to increase efficiency.


Help you find the right partners and services.

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