Investment in your IT infrastructure will pay off in the long run. Modernizing is vital since an outdated network can hamper productivity and be a huge security risk. Whether you are updating or designing a new system Silver Stratus Global will get you into the correct technology stack.

Design & Upgrade

Get infrastructure that is architected for your specific business needs. We can  design, manage commissioning and all transitioning to deliver on time and within budget new or upgraded infrastructure.  

Installation & Cabling

Installation and configuration of servers, switches, storage, and firewalls in local or remote data centers. Planning and design of advanced network cabling solutions for your data center, server room or entire office.

Network Management

24/7 proactive monitoring of network performance, responsiveness, and availability. Let us take the guess work out of your networks. Get notified of issues even before you know they are happening.

The rate of business and transformational change in recent years is unprecedented and it's fair to say the pandemic accelerated the pace. We witnessed the rapid shift to remote working, wide scale Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies introduced, and more. All of these changes significantly altered what types of risk your business is exposed to. Now is the time to reappraise your infrastructure and renew your security posture to ensure your organization is still meeting its security, governance, privacy and compliance requirements. 

Server Installation Specialist

VMware vSphere infrastructure Setup
Physical to virtual server consolidation
Firewall and VPN configuration
Router and switch design and setup
Server migration, installations and configuration.
Network performance, responsiveness and availability monitoring

Server Management Services

Quality server installation in any location or data center. Get your hardware installed and configured right from the start. We can design, install, configure and maintain your servers to get optimal performance. .

Migrating to a new server, data center or country? We can help you plan and execute with minimal to no down time. From assisting your team to complete project management, we will get your system moved and running smoothly.

Regular patching to make sure that your server is secure and protected from all types of vulnerabilities. Server patch management is achieved by installing and patching all the servers in your IT environment on a routine bases. Don't have the skill base in house, Silver Stratus Global can make sure your infrastructure is patch and secured.

End to end management of your infrastructure. From servers to networks we ensure everything runs properly. We monitor all firewalls, switches and services including CPU, DISK, RAM, Mail Queue, FTP, DNS, databases as well as the full stack of applications. With our proactive plan you can rest assured that your infrastructure is in expert hands we will take action to proactively fix problems keeping downtime and business disruption to a minimum.


With 25 years of high level experience in server installation, data migration, and configuration. We will assist in getting maximum server productivity and help you maintain it.



Evaluating your current infrastructure and business needs to find the best fix solution for your IT budget, security and future needs.


Design a networking solution to meet your business needs and overcome the challenges of distance whether it’s just between floors in a building or between offices on opposite sides of the country..


A smooth deployment process is vital for any roll out.  The process mainly consists of 3 stages development, testing and monitoring. 

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